Hiring People

Interviewing and hiring staff

Getting people to submit resumes is always easy. Hiring the right person out of that stack of resumes is not.

It’s been said that the first thirty seconds of a job interview will ultimately determine if the candidate gets the job or not. You either like someone or you don’t. However, even though you might “click” with the candidate, it would be a mistake to hire someone without performing a thorough background check.

It is important that you verify a candidate’s employment history and references as well as their educational background. Even if their previous job experience and educational background have no bearing whatsoever on the position that they’re applying for, it is crucial that you confirm that they’re being truthful to you. If not, then this is a significant character flaw – if they can lie to you so easily, they can just as easily steal from you.

You should also consider performing a credit history search and criminal background check. It is not unusual to meet job applicants who filed bankruptcy or who’ve been convicted of a criminal offence. Everyone has made mistakes in their life and you should not necessarily hold this against the applicant. The honest ones will usually tell you up front about their past before you even perform such a background check. That being said, it is a factor for you to consider in making your final hiring decision.

Advertising your business

Whether you advertise using “traditional” methods like print media and television, or “modern” methods such as internet advertising depends on your audience.

If for example, you are targeting an older demographic (say over 55 years), then traditional advertising may be the way to go. On average, this demographic tends to spend more time reading newspapers and watching television than younger people.

On the other hand, if you are targeting a younger demographic, then internet advertising may be the way to go. It is not surprising that traditional print media like newspaper companies and television stations are in serious financial trouble. Their audience (and advertising revenue) is shrinking because more people are getting their news and entertainment through the internet.

Advertising in print media like the Yellow Pages or in newspapers can be very expensive (especially in a market like Toronto). From our personal experience, we’ve found that advertising on the internet is the most effective and cost efficient way to reach out to our audience.

There are many freelancers who can help you design and place a website on the internet. However, you also want people to find your website when a prospective customer types in a search term into a search engine like Google or Yahoo! For this, you’d need to hire a Search Engine Optimization consultant (SEO).

An SEO will essentially make your website more “searchable” by search engines. This is usually done by, among other things, integrating certain keywords into the text of your site, building “links” to your site from other websites, creating “cost per click” web advertising campaigns with Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing, and listing your business in Google’s Local Business directory