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For humanity then, no man, woman or child can be lost spiritually, eventually one returns to his/her path and returns to that which created it. No one can be bad without eventually being good. No one can continue giving without eventually receiving. No one can die without eventually returning to life. As the pendulum swings from its starting point it moves away only to return. So on leaving its starting point it is actually in the process of returning to it. It can never leave; it is always in a state of returning. As life is cyclical, no matter where we start on our path we always come back to “life.” For humanity it simply means we are constantly in a state of being, whether it is being dead or alive, they are both the same; we can not leave life to experience death we always are moving towards life because that is how we started out. The pendulum leaves its starting point to begin its return. As we start our journey from the awareness of life we look ahead towards our death so that we may return to life. What we do in between is simply a process or experience that has only meaning to the individual as they are experiencing it. We are the process, we are life, and we are the movement. We are not a body that has life we are the energy of life that